Alarms & Security

Fire Detection Systems

IDES LIMITED have been installing automatic fire detection and evacuation systems for over 25 years. Business owners have a duty of care to both their employees and customers to ensure that reasonable steps have been taken to protect their business premises should the event of a fire occur. Ensuring that a business premises is sufficiently covered by fire detection devices will give members of staff and visitors a set time frame that will enable them to evacuate a building quickly and safely should a fire break-out.

Our expertise in the field of fire alarms has been gained over many year and we design, supply, install and commission all types of fire alarm systems to BS5839 both domestic and commercial.

Who needs a fire alarm?

Landlords, property managers with buy-to-lets & multiple occupancy properties should take advantage of our expert advice on Fire detection and prevention systems. From an initial survey, we can reduce a risk assessment and advise on the fire detection/prevention system that is right for your business.

Conventional Fire Alarm

From small shops & offices to medium sized buildings, conventional fire alarm systems are a cost effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting & waning of fire. Numerous detectors can be installed on zones, when a detector is triggered the fire alarm control panel will indicate which zone has been triggered, giving you or the fire brigade an indication of the area of activation.

We can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on your site or install communicators, which are monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services.

Specialised Fire Alarm Systems

These are very useful where a conventional system is not adequate but the full addressable system is not required. We install these in all types of premises but are ideal for areas, which may have false alarms in multiple occupancy.