Alarms & Security

Smoke Evacuation Systems

When interfaced with your building automation system, effective smoke control is vital to the safety of your building's inhabitants. Building automation/smoke evacuation systems that are designed based on safety, speed, functionality and economics. Smoke evacuation and effective smoke control systems are required for high-rise buildings, covered shopping malls and other facilities ensure adherence to the local building control safety standards.

When integrated seamlessly with your building's automation system, a properly designed smoke control system should help prevent the movement of smoke into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in a building. Movement of smoke is accomplished by using fans and dampers to control air pressure. Based on smoke detection, a zone containing burning material can be automatically exhausted, using fans, to maintain a negative pressure. The single most important aspect of your building automation solution is its ability to protect the occupants of the structure. A top-of-the-line smoke control system can help save lives in the event of a fire by providing and maintaining a viable path for exiting the area, as well as helping reduce property damage caused by smoke. Invest in the safety of your occupants and the future of your business with a smoke evacuation system that is integrated with your building automation system.