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Alexa, KNX, heating integration Scotland

Alexa controlling KNX based heating. IDES LTD have upgraded an existing KNX heating controlled system to include 'Alexa' voice control-all values can be queried/set, here we are changing the heating modes from frost, standby and boost, remember the names/tags can be changed to the user's own preferred terms. Alexa is interfacing with @ABB_UK's @buschjaeger voice control link to KNX and in tandem we are utilising ABB's control touch IP gateway which is being displayed via our Apple TV link. Any voice commands are displayed on the app and can also be changed via the app 'buttons' also giving complete house control where ever you are. Next up will be Alexa lighting control including 'party mode' setting LED strip to desired colour and turning on the music! If you require any further information call us on 0131 443 3133.