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Alexa KNX skill integration -Scotland

Pretty in Pink. Last post in the 'Alexa' trilogy from IDES LTD! Ok we've seen blind and heating control via @ABB_UK voice control, now we have introduced lighting and music along with the above. With one voice command we change the existing lighting to pre-set levels and colours, you can see the RGB led strip change colour using Hager Group KNX to DMX controls, also the free standing Philips Hue lights colour change via KNX interface from @ABB_UK control touch and of course voice interface using @ABB_UK voice control. Via the KNX bus line we can also interface with dali lighting, 0-10V dimming, mains LED dimming, pretty much any form of lighting in the 'smart home' or indeed commercial projects. Also don't forget about the music starting from the command, that could be your home cinema or TV ! Give us a call on 0131 443 3133 or mail neil@ides.co.uk if you would like to discuss.