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Home automation-Smart Homes

Over the years at IDES we have been contacted by 'disgruntled' home automation user's explaining their 'smart home' just isn't very smart! Can you fix it!!!!!

Many times I have heard that the heating 'just cant be controlled' or 'the lights have a mind of their own'.

The key element to home automation is that all systems fully integrate and 'talk' to each other, such as when the house alarm is set ON, the heating sets to a back ground temperature and all lights go OFF.

At IDES LTD we are one of the only companies in Scotland that are NSI, CEDIA, SELECT, KNX approved and specialise in offering a full design, install and commissioning service, by using one design team we can provide a true 'One stop shop' system integration package avoiding issues such as 'well we didn't do that part of the job' etc.

Our team of professionals are ready to discuss your project, give us a call.