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KNX-Biomass weather station Scotland


Once again #knx comes to the rescue, Client brief #biomass plant must shut down if wind is blowing from a pre-determined direction to avoid smoke from the plant  passing over the local residential area and then on wind direction change re-start. This was a directive from the local HSE. Solution- IDES LTD's extensive knowledge of working with KNX proposed using #HagerUK  #domovea server to provide the client with management and user interface linked to a weather station. If the wind is blowing from the pre-selected parameters set with in the weather station, the KNX switch actuator will cut the electrical supply to the biomass fans and via the client phone based app, this will indicate to the client that this has been  actioned. HSE were happy that this met with their requirements. We can also indicate many other parameters such as wind speed, rain, temperature, sun position, with all this information, this is the perfect solution to many requirements such as automatic building shading, weather reporting for remote sites for maintenance crews needing to visit etc. If you need a solution to a control issue think #KNX 

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