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KNX The Highlander Museum Inverness, Scotland

This is an example of why KNX is a great investment when it comes to installing control systems into buildings.

The Highlander Museum is situated within the Historic Scotland site, Fort George, a working army barracks just outside Inverness. The Museum tells the story of the Highland Regiments from just after the Battle of Culloden to the present day. Michael Seeland was based in Edinburgh at the time of installing the KNX control system (Not during the battle of Culloden) circa 10 years ago, he now is no longer living in the UK. I was contacted by the system manufacturers JUNG UK who had received a request to upgrade the system 'touch screens', which I was delighted to do. Michael sent me the files for the project and I then carried out the upgrade for the client. There was never a issue that we were concerned any of the equipment would be obsolete rendering the controls inoperable, there is ALWAYS a #KNX solution even with older installations requiring upgrades. As I have mentioned previously we have upgraded installations that are 20 year old. Pleasure to work with professionals on professional installations. Thanks also to Steven Forsyth from G & A Barnie Group Ltd for providing on-site assistance.

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