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Scottish Government FIRE legislation

New Scottish legislation for Fire and Smoke alarms – are you compliant?

You must comply to the new legislation by February 2022

Scottish legislation has changed. Introduced in February 2019, the change applies to all households in Scotland and must be met by February 2022. The new Scottish legislation states that an interlinked Fire and Smoke alarm system must be fitted in a property and that there should be adequate Carbon Monoxide protection.

This legislative change to the Tolerable Standard has come as a direct result of recent fire tragedies and covers all homes, both in the private and social housing sectors.

Fire and Smoke alarms must be interlinked and this can be achieved via traditional cabling methods or wireless. This new legislation also requires a Carbon Monoxide detector to be installed where there is a fuel-burning appliance (such as boilers, fires, heaters and stoves) or where there is a flue. Homeowners and landlords must comply to the new Scottish legislation by February 2022.

If you already have Fire and Smoke alarms installed in your property, check that they are interlinked. If you have an alarm system but it does not currently meet the new requirements, you may be able to  expand your system with wireless interconnection. By having an interlinked system, the whole alarm system will be triggered if one alarm is activated meaning you are alerted immediately in the event of a fire.

If you need to expand your current alarm system, or if access to a permanent live cable connection is difficult, tamper proof long-life battery powered alarms can be used in place of main powered alarms with the tamper proof long-life battery back-up, providing they can be interlinked.

IDES have been carrying out Smoke detection upgrades on behalf of many of of clients as originally Scottish Government Legislation stated that compliance was required by February 2021.Ths has been time shifted due to Covid and its retractions to February 2022.

Meantime ask yourself the undernoted simple questions.

Is your property complaint and safe?

If it is compliant , does it work?

Do you have a FIRE evacuation plan?

Is it Certified?

What happens in the event of a technical fault?

Is there back up and 24hr support?

IDES can support and assist in answering these questions. For further advice please contact our offices