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Thermal Imaging/screening-Covid-19 Scotland

Hik thermal

IDES LTD together with our CCTV supplier Hikvision can now offer our clients a body temperature measurement and alert system. When we return to work trying to keep your staff safe will be of upmost importance, one of the symptoms of COVID-19 is a raised temperature/fever. IDES can offer a solution to monitor your staffs temperature as they enter the building. If a staff member has a raised body temperature then as they walk through the monitored area a audible warning will sound. This alert can also be sent to the managing personnel via email or a push notification on an app. The person who has triggered the alarm should then be secondary screened with a hand held temperature monitor to confirm if they do indeed have a raised temperature. Once determined, It would then be down to the individual company to decide what the next course of action will be as laid out by their own s H&S policy and current legislation. The screening device can be a conventional looking camera that has thermal capabilities, a stand mounted screen, a handheld scanner and an airport style walk through scanner. Please contact IDES for more details.

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