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Update-Out with the old dimmers !!! Scotland's KNX installers

fife college before after

UPDATE- School of Nursing and Midwifery IDES LTD have now completed the removal of the school's 'antique' lighting control system. Firstly we removed the old and then installed the latest dimming and switching control system utilising KNX protocol THEBEN AG devices. The space saving using this modern 'kit' is substantial ! I have tried to show this with my 'ghostly' comparison pic !!!!! More importantly we have produced large energy and cost savings both in energy consumption and maintenance, due to the very high ceilings, to change a lamp it was a 2 man job with scaffolding. Having replaced Par 38 spot lights with MEGAMAN UK par38 led lamps and the fluorescent strips with LEDVANCE LTD led strip lights the lamp life has been greatly increased therefore reducing lamp replacements.