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URC Total Control 2.0 interfaces with voice, KNX

URC screens

 The Total Control system 2.0 can integrate seamlessly with thousands of ‘smart home’ products.The degree of integration can vary from simple infra-red control of  AV products to  a full software package (called drivers) written for a specific product. IDES use the following products with our total control system.

KNX – Lighting/Heating/Curtain control.

 Using the dedicated KNX-URC gateway in conjunction with the software driver gives access to all the KNX features from within the URC interface.This includes, adjusting dimming levels, storing scenes, changing heating modes, adjusting temperature as well the basic function of switching lights on, opening curtains etc. The gateway also allows any specific KNX function to be incorporated into any of the useful short cut features. So pressing a welcome home button can bring on a specific light scene change the temperature as well as switching on music and starting a favourite radio station playing, all from one button. 

The URC system also integrates with Alexa and other voice mediums, so any specific features/button within the URC system can be tied to a voice command.

For example ‘Alexa, I’m home’ -this can initiate the KNX 'home' setting just like 'pushing ' the button.

Also using the voice features you can interrogate room temperatures, change heating values etc. 

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