Home Automation / Building Control

Blind/Curtain Controls

Automating blinds and curtains offers a range of benefits from making the building more comfortable, reduce solar gain and reducing energy consumption such as AC requirements.

Of course they will also improve security. All types of shading and window control including curtains, louvers, window motors, Venetian and roller blinds can be automated and switched from your home/office automation switch controls. This removes the need for multiple switching units.

Automating blinds/curtains in to lighting scenes such as ‘TV’ can at a touch of a button set the lighting levels and close the blinds simultaneously.

Blind and Shutter Control

  • Group & Central Control
  • Preset Positioning
  • Sun Tracing
  • Automatic Programs
  • Climate Enhancement
  • Wind and Rain Protection
  • Safety Modes
  • SMI Gateway